Life isn't easy. No one said it would be, though no one said it wasn't going to be. Growing up from such young ages, we are all so exciting looking forward, looking up to the world, looking up to our adults, elder siblings, friends, or role models we see, and waiting for the following age mild stone.

We have painted a view of the world of desire, happiness, health, excitement, and joy. Yet we don't take a look at them at the moment to stop and enjoy the moments of growth.

Destination, upon new destination, upon a new age, further point to achieve, responsibilities within a period, excitement within an age; all we want to do is get to the destination, then once there get to the next. What happens in between is our control; with some aspects outside, we still have the power to grasp it, and create it into something more than just a passing time until the following year, next age, or destination.

Although we have the power of each moment given to us, we still find ourselves looking inwards out at other people, other's lives, searching for the next thing, waiting for the next destination wishing it would come, wishing we are there currently living it. But still, once that next destination arrives, we find ourselves repeating the same thoughts, feelings, and emotions leading us to fall back to the patterns of wanting the next thing to come.

Will there ever be a time where we stop and appreciate just where we are in the now, as it is unfolding, how it is, for what it is?

The most important part is to acknowledge that we as human beings all do this, regardless of what others are doing.

You. Me. We. At points of our life fall into this cycle of thinking.

Know the next time you catch yourself in that thinking, that is the moment to capture the thought, lock it away and appreciate right here, right now and enjoy the moment in the present.

Put down your phone, shut off the next thing coming up, be in the moment. Live and appreciate what is in the now in front of you.

Take ownership of the moments in front of you and enjoy the now.

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