Accepting and allowing it.

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

We all have emotions, some in which cannot be explained or talked about, that's good. You are human.

Allowing any feeling to take full control is going to make you suffer, whether it is good or bad, you may fall.

Finding the balance and acceptance for what is currently occurring will allow you to feel free and accept as well as allow this current feeling to pass. Because no matter what or how hard, this will pass. Feelings and thoughts always change, we always grow, we will always learn.

Learning to become mindful of your thoughts and feelings will help you to grow and learn from any situation and accept it right in the moment.

You do have control of your feelings and thoughts towards a situation that may occur, you can decide how you view it, which allows you to decide how you feel.

At times you feel like its a cloud over coming you and you cannot control the feeling. Welcome it, welcome any and all feelings; say hello, feel what it is and asking yourself, how do i feel? what is my body feeling, how does my body feel and what is happening around me now.

The number one important thing is to not fight yourself or your feelings nor thoughts but acknowledge them right now.

Mindfulness of every feeling is key to success and moving forward in life.

Key Points and importance.

Ensuring you are not fighting with yourself, fighting your inner dialogue and self will be a key importance to moving forward and becoming more contend.

I found myself always arguing with myself about how i felt, why and feeling no better about it.

I learnt that somethings feelings cannot be explained, sometimes cannot be spoken but they tend to pass over time.

Never allow someone or yourself to become your feelings or fall victim to there fun game.

By learning to accept and acknowledge how you feel, you will find yourself become okay with the darkest of days not feel like you are insane or crazy.

You can decide within 30 seconds how you take a situation and how you feel about it.

How to take it all in.

Find yourself question your emotion and feelings when a certain situation occurs. Ask yourself why do you feel this way? Why is that, Why must it be like that.

Speak up too if you have concerns or feel like you need to get it out.

Create your own freedom and happiness by accepting your thoughts and feelings.


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