Disconnected ?

Do you ever feel disconnected, from a group of friends, the environment or even yourself?

Feel like your body isn't really there, though it is, you just can't feel yourself but your eyes see life.

The feeling of disconnection. Feeling so odd and so off you don't know what's going on. There isn't a reason or a event that has happened to create or cause this feeling. Sometimes it is just, well there.

It welcomes itself in the dead of night, without warning, without a notice, reason or thought behind it. Not everyone will understand nor get this, nor would every person feel or could relate the same. That is okay.

We are all so different, have different thoughts, feelings and darkness's. It's not about trying to get yourself out of this head space but more of an acceptance. Allowing yourself to be mindful and connect yourself to the disconnection feeling that arises, and stays. Like storm clouds they come and go. Blow over, complete darkness but they never stay. Becoming mindful, welcoming this disconnection allows the period in which it stays to be more pleasant.

You are no longer fighting yourself, trying to pull yourself out, bring yourself back to reality but more accepting that the clouds have come, there is a storm and that is okay. It will be here, You will feel it, it will stay but it will not be forever.

With time, acceptance and acknowledgement the clouded time becomes just a storm cloud that will soon leave on it's own, blow over and all clearness and connection comes back.

Sometimes we can't explain the way we think, feel or things we do. They just are what they are. There isn't a point going to war with yourself for being human, for going through change, feeling different emotions but most importantly not having a reason for why.

If we could explain every thing in our life perfectly it wouldn't be as special or unique as it is.

If we could choose the weather every day would we ever allow rain, thunder and lightening ?

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