Gloom to bloom.

Without no rain there can be no flowers, without sunshine they will not grow.

The water is the foundation to bring them to life. The sun is the power to raise them up to bloom.

Without no rain, there can be no water. Without no sun there can be no power.

I think finding the light within the rain is the true power to grow.

Understanding there can be no flowers without the rain, you can understand that within the rain there is a sense of power, as it's vital for growth.

Seeking the power within the gloomy days, will help you grow the power for those days of light. For when you do bloom, you'll understand without no rain there would be no growth, without no sunlight there would be no life.

Find the light within the days of gloom, the dark rain clouds rolling on through, understand there is no permanency with the clouds that come across, remembering without no rain there would be no fuel, for when those sunny days roll on up, that will be the time of true growth.

Find the light with the gloom, you'll be stronger within, understanding this is all apart of the foundations for true life.

The flowers will grow, the sun will shine, the rain will come and you'll be more than alright.

Find purpose within those dark and rainy days, understanding there cannot be no life without no rain.

Find happiness within when the clouds come. Find something that makes you smile so you know it is alright.

There are things you've achieved, great things. You may not even realise nor see.

Use the rain to realise all your mite, remembering and reflecting on everything you've done until now.

Understand the clouds will pass. The sun will shine and you have been alright.

Better than before, seeing the light.

Growing forwards and glowing up.

Remember too, flowers and all life needs those rain clouds to help them come alive.

You are the beauty within, these seasons are here but you'll be perfectly alright.

As they come and go throughout life, just remember you can bring the light to the clouds and know they will just pass on through.

You'll achieve everything you've wanted, everything you want.

Just keep remembering without no rain there can be no life.

• Note to take:

Bring the light into the darkness, you hold the torch when times are dark, and if there is no light, remember too, darkness isn't here to stay, there will be light soon.

• How to bring light:

In a place of darkness, remember to reflect. Remember all the things you've achieved.

They don't have to be big.

Remembering bright, happier days. Happier memories. Remember them, futher investigate them - write them down, write what feelings, emotions, things happened.

You'll soon find out that there is light, you can create more light and remember the light.

The darkness will pass and soon you'll bloom.

• Remember:

Darkness is the partial or total absence of light. Therefore you can bring the light within yourself creating a light, until the darkness passes through and the natural light shines through.

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