How to start and enjoy it

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

What gets you up in the morning or what makes you want to stay in bed and keep dreaming?

Got it, good. Find it and follow it.

Even if you dont have something, find the little bit of happiness everyday that makes you smile or forget the feelings for a few moments.

What is it?

Practice waking up everyday or when dreaming, the goals, mind, thoughts and feelings that create and make you. What ever it may be that you want or you dream of.

Visualise it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Wake up, see it, go to sleep, see it, see how it is going to feel and be like.

Become obsessed with the feeling of having it and seeing the goal happen. The more you visualise it within the more it will happen for you.

Get a diary and write everything down in it. Write it every morning and review every night.


What helped me alot, was writting down what i want from life, what makes me happy and what fuels my fire whether its good or bad, if i have a passion. I write it.

Write as much and as frequently as required.

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