Just like that one split second can become life or death. Lack of control, only able to commit to what is happening and only being able to let it happen. Let it move forward.

Once things happen we are never truly able to take it back, change or have true control over it.

Time known as life just moves forward regardless of what is in front of it. It does not stop for no one or anything.

You have little moments that make you realise you don't have control over what happens but you do have control over how you take it, how you choose to process it and how you decide to take it.

This year alone there has been many little moments that i've realised life is just happening, once something happens you have to commit to it. The split second choice you may have made, the split second accident, those seconds have gone. You have to commit to what will be the outcome, what is occurring in the seconds right in front of you. Then decide how you will move forward with what has happened.

You get to choose how you view what has already occurred, just like shadows everything stays behind you. Whether you want it too or not, take it or leave it, it is there. This doesn't mean everyone needs to know. However it becomes apart of the person you are today. As you stand tall the shadows behind you being everything that has happened in your past is what makes you stand tall.

Stand up, face it, own it and take it as a lesson to become better & bigger out weighing your shadows, don't allow them to shallow you or consume you.

Be the master.

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