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3 years have past since creating a website I believed would change, help and shape myself and impact a lot of people. How things can change.

Not only had things changed, they had become different from anything I had imagined. If you had of told me 3 years ago that my life would be where, how and what it is now I would of not believed it. Laughed, thought not in a million years.

We have no true control over things once we allow them to snow ball. I had stopped writing, stopped taking care, stopped putting myself first, stopped going to the gym. Allowed myself to 'let go'. A small monster built itself in my mind, I had given control to him. He build himself in my life to control and over take everything I was or knew. He had build himself so big and strong that it was hard to accept he was there, hard to grasp I was no longer in control.

The monster control the thoughts and feelings I had. He would make them so much more eye-catching, holding them close, allowing them to stick around and manipulate them, made them stick around more than they needed too.

Just because we loose what we thought and believed in doesn't mean its truly gone.

We can take back control at any time, all it takes is understanding and acknowledging the monster is there, understanding we had lost control, lost our meaning and direction.

Once we come to terms with this we can move towards an outcome that will allow us to change, shape and redirect our lives back to the pathway in which we want to head.

Allowing the monster to keep control does nothing but bring you down to the ground. It hurts, controls, ruins and controls your life.

Don't give control to this monster.

Every moment we have, we have the ability to take control. The monster may never leave but gaining power to minimise it can be enough to make the right step towards a bigger, brighter and better outcome.

It isn't always about taking control. Sometimes it is about listening, being aware, acknowledging, accepting and just moving forward.

Time heals. Changes happen in time, most importantly Time is important.

Remember to become more mindful with yourself and what emotions are held. You are the only one who can capture the monster, tell him NO and move forward to a bigger and brighter you and life that you deserve.

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