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The Super Incline Press is meticulously designed with heightened incline components, targeting the upper chest, front shoulders, and triceps. By stabilizing the shoulder joint, it enables focused engagement of the chest muscles' upper fibers. Boasting a vertically adjustable seat and generously sized backrest, it accommodates a wide range of users comfortably. Upholstered in high-quality, long-lasting PU leather, the seat and backrest are easy to maintain, retaining their pristine appearance over time. The angled handle design ensures comfortable pushing and pulling motions with minimal strain on wrists and shoulders, maximizing exercise benefits. Equipped with six plate storage horns, it eliminates the need to carry weights around the gym, conserving energy for your workout.

Iso Super Incline Chest Press

Expected to ship July 2024
  • 47in x 66in x 60in

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